Getting hurt on the job is something that all employees and employers try to avoid. For those who work in a warehouse setting, safety is a top concern. When employees know and practice proper safety procedure, chances of a workplace accident are greatly minimized.

  1. Wear the proper safety equipment and use machines and tools appropriately. One of the most common causes of workplace accidents is the improper use of tools, machines and safety equipment. Everyone should be properly educated and trained on when and how to use different tools.
  2. Stay aware of your surroundings and report unsafe conditions. If something doesn’t look right, report it. Be aware of what each work area is supposed to look like and inform your supervisor of any potentially hazardous areas. Make sure employees are aware of how a work space should look and what signs to look for to indicate there may be a dangerous situation.
  3. Prevent falling objects. When stacking boxes and materials, place the heaviest objects on the bottom and on low shelves. Do not have objects stacked in areas where employees work. Having a toe board, toe rail or a net can help protect employees and equipment from falling objects.
  4. Keep work areas and emergency exits clear. Incase an accident or emergency does occur, you will want to make sure everyone is able to access an emergency exit safely. That means not only does the walkways to the emergency exits have to be clear and accessible, but so should work areas and emergency shut offs.

Implementing safety procedures in the workplace is key to keeping it safe. All Protocall light industrial and general labor employees participate in a safety orientation to ensure proper safety procedures are known and practiced.

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