Some jobs come with more risk than others. Those who work in the healthcare field are very familiar with these risks and the injuries and illnesses that can occur. It is essential for employees to take precautions to prevent any workplace accidents.

  1. Defend yourself against bloodborne pathogens. At some point in a healthcare workers career they will come in contact with a patients bodily fluids. However, wearing the proper protective gear such as gowns, gloves, and face shields will help protect employees. Implementing proper hand hygiene, using antiseptics and disinfectants on skin prior to procedures and cleaning and decontaminating of instruments also help to prevent contact with bloodborne pathogens.
  2. Practice safe patient handling to prevent musculoskeletal disorders. Healthcare workers are 7 times more likely than any other industry to suffer from musculoskeletal disorders. This occurs from not using the proper methods and equipment to lift and move patients. OSHA has compiled a list of resources for the hazards and solutions for proper lifting and moving of immobile patients.
  3. Be aware of chemical, drug and radiation hazards. Some of the chemicals and devices used to diagnose and treat illnesses also carry hazards when used improperly or without the proper protection. OSHA has in depth guidelines on the hazards, solutions, and how to properly handle these hazardous materials.
  4. Properly store, use, and dispose of sharp instruments. When handling needles, scalpels and other sharp tools, it is important to practice safe handling to reduce or eliminate the risk of puncturing skin. The wound is not as much an issue as the possibility of spreading diseases from contaminated tools. By passing sharp instruments in basins and disposing of used needles immediately after use, contamination can be reduced.

Practicing these 4 tips will help minimize the chances of injuries on the job. All Protocall healthcare employees must meet Joint Commission credentialing standards that evaluate clinical competencies and mandatory in-service education. This ensures all of our employees know and practice proper safety procedures.

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