There are over three million registered nurses currently in the USA, with male RNs making up almost 10 percent of this figure. Trained nurses have many career options when they qualify as registered nurses, and as a leading recruiting center in Philadelphia, we advise and assist hundreds of nurses every year.

Some of the popular places with positions suitable for registered nurses include:

  • Physicians’ Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Home Healthcare Services
  • Military Nursing
  • Travel Nursing

Physician’s Office

For registered nurses who aspire to a 9-5 working schedule, a physician’s office is an ideal place to begin your career. RNs assist with patient examinations, wound dressings, injections, blood sampling, and laboratory work. These jobs are relatively competitive due to regular working hours and comfortable working environments.


Although hospitals can be stressful and busy, RNs who work in them can benefit from several advantages. They get to care for many patients and can train in a specialty such as Midwifery, Oncology, or Cardiac Nursing.

Nursing Homes

There is a demand for RNs in residential care facilities due to our aging population, especially in treating conditions such as Alzheimer’s and other memory-related impairments. RNs will assess and monitor the health of patients, create treatment plans, and perform medical procedures.

Home Healthcare Services

Home healthcare positions give RNs a level of autonomy that is unrivaled in the nursing profession. This role offers a personal, one-on-one patient experience and is often required during respite periods for patients who have recently left the hospital.

Military Nursing

Those who want to serve their country while helping others can consider becoming a military RN. This role includes tuition reimbursement and global travel. Once qualified, military RNs to work in either military or civilian hospitals.

Travel Nursing

With assignments lasting between 8 and 26 weeks, travel nursing is an ideal career path for nurses that are keen to relocate frequently. There are also bonuses available as this job requires a significant level of commitment.

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