At The Protocall Group, a leading direct hire agency in Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding region, we know how important wages are to both sides of the employment equation. Often, job seekers will take or pass up a position because of how much it pays. For employers, offering a competitive wage is crucial if they want to land qualified job candidates they can count on to help their businesses thrive.

On Jan. 1, 2020, the minimum wage in New Jersey will bump up to $11 per hour, which is sure to send ripples of change throughout the marketplace. As we prepare for another year of matching talented job seekers with promising positions in the industrial and healthcare fields, we naturally wondered what our clients can expect to make — and pay — in 2020.

Before we reveal some of our projections, let’s take a quick look at how employers typically go about developing a pay scale for their employees. We’ve highlighted a few key factors that determine compensation in this slideshow video:

To help weigh the factors mentioned in the video and arrive at an acceptable wage rate, employers and other workplace solutions providers have plenty of data at their fingertips. Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) developed a U.S. Pay Rate Rangefinder using information compiled by the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, which surveyed more than 800 occupations in more than 400 metropolitan areas across the country as part of its 2017 Occupational Employment Statistics program.

We utilized that data to develop our 2020 Wage Guide, which is available to view right here on our website. The guide provides a comprehensive look at what our clients in New Jersey and throughout the Philadelphia area can expect to pay in the coming year at a variety of different positions. You can download it here.

Which positions did we find are offering the greatest potential for growth, in terms of earning power? The following infographic takes a closer look at some of the healthcare and light industrial jobs that have seen the biggest jump in wages in recent years. 

As one of the leading permanent placement agencies in New Jersey, The Protocall Group goes beyond simply matching employers with the right employees and providing promising career opportunities for workers throughout our region. We strive to be a valuable resource, a place where people on both sides of the employment equation can turn for information regarding wage trends and any other important issues affecting the workforce today.

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