Are you doing the right math when it comes to hiring employees? If you’re just looking at the hourly rate you pay your staff, you’re overlooking a significant part of the big financial picture.

Believe it or not, the true cost of a full-time employee can be anywhere between 40 percent and 100 percent greater than their hourly wage, when you factor in additional expenses such as benefits, taxes and other “hidden costs.” 

At The Protocall Group, a leading destination for New Jersey residents to conduct an online job search, we’ve seen plenty of companies opt to hire full-time employees, unaware of how much they could actually save if they fill their staffing needs with temporary workers. Upon closer examination, however, temporary employees can cost a company 30 percent less to do the same amount of work as a full-timer!

In our five-plus decades as a leading staffing firm, we’ve discovered that temporary workers save businesses money in three major ways. We’ve illustrated them in this infographic.

For more enlightening details on the hidden savings in hiring temporary employees, click here to download our research paper, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. 

Whether you’re an employer looking to fill registered nurse jobs in South Jersey or a job seeker who’s interested in temporary or full-time placement, The Protocall Group has the resources and experience to connect you with the perfect staffing solution or career opportunity. Find out why our firm has been an industry leader since 1965. Give us a call or fill out an online contact form today!