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As a temp hiring agency, The Protocall Group takes pride in our ability to provide staff on short notice. Life happens, but your business still needs full coverage. The Protocall Group is your answer – our temp hiring service is your immediate backup call for all temporary staffing solutions. We understand the circumstances all businesses encounter: Leave of Absences, Overload and Peak Periods, Project Staffing, Vacation, Illness, Benefits, Turnover and Training Costs and more!

Tools for Our Customers
Management Reports
Digital time clocks / Group Timecards
Avionte Software
Customized Orientations

Service Tools
24-Hour On-Call Service
Drug Screening/Background Checks Available
Shift Supervision/Standbys
Quality Checks
Incentive Bonuses

Specialized Programs
On-Site Vendor Management
ProtoPerks Benefits
GMP Training
Joint Commission Credentialing
Safety Program/Visits


The Protocall Group takes temporary staffing solutions to the next level. Temp-to-hire is your opportunity to build a “proving ground.” Bring a potential hire onboard and observe how his/her skills and personality match your company culture – before moving forward with a permanent offer. Use our temp-to-hire service to enhance your staff with people who are skilled in Industrial jobsHealthcare jobs or Office and Professional jobs.

Whether you’re looking for temporary staffing solutions or a temp-to-hire, The Protocall Group has more than 50 years of experience as a temp hiring agency in Philadelphia and New Jersey. But more than just a temp hiring agency, we also provide payroll servicing, per diem healthcare staffing, Direct Hire, and more.

As your committed temp hiring service partner, The Protocall Group offers a variety of resources and programs that go beyond the typical Industrial, Healthcare or Office/Professional temp service.


The Protocall Group’s Core Values make us your number one choice for a temp hiring service. We believe that our employees create the value in our success and more importantly, your success.

Lead the Way

We consider ourselves leaders in our jobs; working hard in order to advance the goals of our customers by going the extra mile.

Keep Our Word

We are not casual with our promises.  You can rely on us to follow up and follow through to ensure all of your staffing needs are met.

Make Someone's Day

We aspire to do something special and meaningful for all of our customers, candidates and coworkers at every opportunity.

Answer the Call

Our satisfaction comes from providing the best temporary staffing support for your company, finding solutions and progressing forward.

Contact us today and see how a partnership in recruitment services can be right for your organization.  Let our more than 50 years of experience as a temp hiring agency in Philadelphia and New Jersey help bring you the Right Candidate, Right Now.

If you’re a job seeker looking for a position with one of our client companies, start your online job search with The Protocall Group today.
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