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As a temp hiring agency, The Protocall Group takes pride in our ability to provide staff on short notice. Life happens, but your business still needs full coverage. The Protocall Group is your answer – our temp hiring service is your immediate backup call. We understand the circumstances all businesses encounter: Leave of Absences, Overload and Peak Periods, Project Staffing, Vacation, Illness, Benefits, Turnover and Training Costs and more!


We take temporary staffing solutions to the next level. Temp-to-hire is your opportunity to build a “proving ground.” Bring a potential hire on board, observe how his/her skills and personality match your company culture – before moving forward with a permanent offer. Use our temp-to-hire service to enhance your staff with people who are skilled in Industrial jobsHealthcare jobs or Office and Professional jobs.

Whether you’re looking for temporary staffing solutions or a temp-to-hire, The Protocall Group has more than 50 years of experience in Philadelphia and New Jersey as a temp hiring agency.

We can also provide payroll servicing, per diem healthcare staffing, and Direct Hire.

Contact us today and let’s create the ultimate business connection in recruitment services.

If you’re a potential associate looking for a temporary position, start your online job search with The Protocall Group today.
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