Maybe you’ve heard some of the horror stories in the news: workers lured by the promise of high hourly wages flocking to large national corporations for warehouse jobs, only to find an oppressive culture and abysmal conditions waiting for them in the workplace.

Sometimes, the money in a paycheck is just not worth the stress you have to go through to get it!

Here at The Protocall Group, we’re a local, community-oriented recruitment agency with over 50 years of experience matching workers with quality warehouse jobs and other great career opportunities in Vineland, NJ, and throughout the Philadelphia region. As the year winds toward its close and seasonal job seekers flood the marketplace looking for ways to increase their income and enhance their families’ holiday experience, we want to help workers in our area find and pursue a path that offers good pay and a positive atmosphere.

In this post, we take a look at the benefits of choosing a small local agency for career placement, instead of going straight to a large corporation to apply for a job. 

Part One: Avoiding a Toxic Work Environment

Most of us have had jobs we didn’t like at one point or another in our lives. But what exactly is a “toxic work environment,” and how do you know you’re in one? Check out this quick slideshow video for a few of the key warning signs.

According to news reports, workers at large national corporations have experienced these types of conditions. Some even claimed to have been denied sufficient bathroom breaks and subjected to constant “Big Brother”-type surveillance. The excessive stress in their jobs, they said, made their relatively good pay seem like less of a fair trade.

How do you avoid these toxic employment situations? Here are our tips:

  • Look beyond the bottom line. Yes, you need to make money to pay bills and support your family. But is a paycheck worth your peace of mind? Don’t be so blinded by dollar signs that you overlook the day-to-day demands of the job you’re considering. Do research on the company. Read reviews on popular job sites or check social media for first-person accounts of what it’s like to work there. Talk to people who work there or have worked there. Make an informed decision based on all factors, not just money.
  • Remember that you have options. Your job opportunities are not limited to the big corporations; that’s not “the only game in town.” In fact, finding a local recruitment agency that’s firmly rooted in the community and maintains strong connections with area businesses will give you access to a number of opportunities you didn’t even know were available. Seeking help finding the right job will pay off in the end, and your happiness is well worth the effort!

Part Two: Finding the Right Path

If you’re looking for a way to earn money, why not try to pursue employment you will actually enjoy? Why not find a job where you feel valued, in an environment that allows for personal and professional growth? 

It seems like a no-brainer, but we still see plenty of people drawn into unpleasant work environments by the promise of more money. 

At The Protocall Group, we believe you can have it all: a well-paying gig where you’re treated like a human being, and you can actually build a satisfying career, rather than just collecting a paycheck. Here are just a few reasons job seekers come to us to find healthcare jobs and other quality career opportunities in the Philadelphia area—instead of heading straight to a well-known corporation to apply for work!

Here at The Protocall Group, we’re gearing up for another busy holiday season helping job seekers throughout the Philadelphia area find fulfillment while fortifying their bank accounts. With our knowledge, experience, resources, and compassionate staff, we are the ideal starting place for your next employment adventure, and we’ll see you through the process, every step of the way. 

You don’t have to do this alone! Contact your local job recruitment team by getting in touch with The Protocall Group now!