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Referral Program

Parameters to Qualify for Referral Bonus

  • Referrer must submit a referral on before the Referred Employee begins their first assignment (This method is the only way to submit a referral)
  • Referred Employee must work 80 hours within the first 4 weeks of employment
  • To claim the reward, gift cards must be picked up by the Referrer from a Protocall branch location and an “Acknowledgment of Gift Card Received” form must be signed
  • All bonuses will be paid out in $50 gift cards, no cash or checks will be issued
  • Faz-90 Employees are not eligible for this bonus

Tracking Referrals (Order of Events)

  • Referrer fills out the Referral Form on
  • Submitted form is sent to
  • Marketing puts referrals on “Referral Spreadsheet”
  • If someone enters a branch saying they were referred to us, Protocall employee will give the person a “Referral Directions Card” so they can give the information to the Referrer in order to claim their bonus
  • Weekly: Compliance Coordinator will input start-dates on “Referral Spreadsheet”
    • Suggestion: Use the New Hire Report in Avionte as a start point for cross-referencing
  • Weekly: Compliance Coordinator will contact anyone who is eligible to receive a gift card
    • To claim the card they must come into the office within 2 weeks of contact
    • Suggestion: Sort by 4-Week Date to make finding eligible candidates easier

Handing Out Gift Cards

  • Referrer must pick up a gift card from a Protocall office
  • Referrer must fill out & sign an “Acknowledgment of Gift Card Received” form. This form will be filed in-office.
  • Compliance Coordinator makes a note in Referred Employee’s Avionte profile with the following information:
    • Date the card was given
    • FULL Name of the person claiming the card
  • Staffing Supervisor inputs the following items in the “Referral Spreadsheet”:
    • Date the card was given out, Acknowledgment and Notes