In 2018, The Protocall Group experienced an exciting year of growth and change, and we are looking forward to making 2019 the best year our recruiting center in the Philadelphia area has seen. Even with the recent upswing in business, our branches have remained committed to our customers and clients. However, that doesn’t mean there still can’t be room for improvement. That’s why we put together a group of individuals within our company to find solutions for overcoming recruitment obstacles that employment agencies across the nation are similarly facing.

After months of conducting research with our national network of employment firms (ASGroup), looking back at past initiatives of The Protocall Group, and evaluating current processes and tools set in place, it was determined that our various branches needed separate support for recruitment-related tasks. So, in order to refocus our organization for future success, the decision was made to consolidate recruitment services in Philadelphia and New Jersey into one central location.

Now you may be wondering how The Protocall Group’s new Recruitment Center will help both customers and clients. Our most recent initiative will make the lives of our customers and clients much simpler by:


  • Providing better service. With recruitment functions no longer apart of the day-to-day responsibilities in our branches, Staffing Supervisors will now be able to give our associates and clients better one-on-one service. As a result of our branch teams no longer being bogged down making recruitment calls all day, The Protocall Group can provide an even higher level of customer service across the board.


  • Increasing efficiency. We always strive to place the right candidate, at the right job, right now. This change opens up the opportunity for job seekers to have more personalized interactions in our offices to find the career path that’s best suited for them. Staffing Supervisors are also able to stay better in tune with our clients’ needs and spend time placing and interviewing talent to fill customer orders quickly and efficiently.


  • Supporting transparency. For candidates, having one central location to reach out to before becoming an employee of Protocall will help ensure the information they receive about our opportunities is consistent and that they are well prepared for their interview with our Staffing Supervisors.


  • Streamlining processes. Candidates now have one point of contact that they can reach out to with any issues, questions, or concerns regarding the online application, screening and interviewing process.


With our new Recruitment Center officially open, we are looking forward to speaking with candidates who are interested in getting in touch with our Recruitment team. Contact us today by calling 856-281-7192 or through email at