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Staffing Solutions for your Growing Business

Sourcing & Recruiting

Create a custom profile with The Protocall team and we will handle the rest:

  • Searching our database for the talent you need
  • Optimize job descriptions
  • Advertise on our network of job boards
  • Spend OUR $ advertising online & in the community
  • Dedicated team focused on filling your openings
  • Faster fulfillment for your fast-paced workplace!

Drug Tests & Background Checks

Stop spending money screening poor candidates:

  • The Protocall Group drug tests all employees on-site (unless specific off-site screening is required)
  • Thorough criminal background checks are completed and paid for by Protocall
  • All testing and immunizations are paid for and managed by the Protocall team

Benefits & Unemployment

Why pay benefits, deal with Worker’s Comp claims or unemployment if you don’t have to?

  • Our associates are Protocall employees. Under most circumstances, unemployment and Worker’s Comp claims are handled by our team members
  • Mark benefit costs off of your list, we offer all of our associates benefits as long as they qualify!


Our prescreened applicants eliminate wasted time. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Trained team conducting all interviews
  • Consistent interview process throughout all Protocall offices
  • Industry standard skill assessments
  • Calling and verifying all references
  • Only the most qualified candidates get sent over


Leave onboarding to us, so your team stays productive!

  • All candidates attend Protocall Orientation where they learn about their expectations as a Protocall associate
  • New hires are trained on your specific work environment & expectations
  • Customized on-the-job programs, testing and skill building are available to associates at our offices upon your request


With our Risk-Free Guarantee, put turnover worries behind you

  • 8-Hour Guarantee: If an associate doesn’t fit your culture, let us know within 8 hours for a replacement, at no cost to you!
  • Give our Temp-to-Hire program a go before hiring an employee full-time at your company — a low-risk way of hiring

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