On-Site Staff Vendor Management

An on-site office designed to customize our actions to meet your needs and concerns.


On-site Vendor Management provides:



We do it all – including interviews, screenings, hiring and onboarding – at your facility.

Relationship Building

Relationship Building

To understand your business we get to know your key employees and learn what you need, now.



We’ll create on-boarding compatible with your current system, increasing stability and productivity.


A full-time, on-site staff supervisor will:

  • Support Protocall Associates
  • Conduct Trainings
  • Oversee Projects
  • Manage Performance To Ensure Productivity
  • Report Daily To The Protocall Group


We ensure no-hassle safety. Our full-time on-site supervisory staff:

  • Are fully trained in safety and OSHA regulations.
  • Provide safety inspections to identify hazards.
  • Attend safety meetings with associates and customers.
  • Ensure Protocall associates follow safety procedures.
  • Process workers’ compensation claims, including, investigations, reports, and medical care provision.

Nothing is left out with The Protocall Group’s On-Site Staff Management Program. Contact us today to improve your workplace efficiency with Protocall onsite solutions!


Looking for a job? You can start an online job search to find the direct hire position that’s right for you.