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On-Site Staff Vendor Management

An on-site office designed to customize our actions to meet your needs and concerns.


On-site Vendor Management provides:



We do it all – including interviews, screenings, hiring and onboarding – at your facility.

Relationship Building

Relationship Building

To understand your business we get to know your key employees and learn what you need, now.



We’ll create on-boarding compatible with your current system, increasing stability and productivity.


A full-time, on-site staff supervisor will:

  • Support Protocall Associates
  • Conduct Trainings
  • Oversee Projects
  • Manage Performance To Ensure Productivity
  • Report Daily To The Protocall Group


We ensure no-hassle safety. Our full-time on-site supervisory staff:

  • Are fully trained in safety and OSHA regulations.
  • Provide safety inspections to identify hazards.
  • Attend safety meetings with associates and customers.
  • Ensure Protocall associates follow safety procedures.
  • Process workers’ compensation claims, including, investigations, reports, and medical care provision.

Nothing is left out with The Protocall Group’s On-Site Staff Management Program. Contact us today to improve your workplace efficiency with Protocall onsite solutions!


Potential associate? You can start an online job search to find the direct hire position that’s right for you.