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Managing Generations for Generations

The Protocall Group has been family-owned and operated for over 50 years and across 2 generations. From the top down, our organization stresses the importance of creating long-lasting relationships with both our clients and candidates. We have the ability to fill your professional, healthcare or light industrial positions – no matter the size – with efficieny and care. By leading the way towards finding employment solutions for your team, we aim to reduce your turnover, increase productivity and fill in the missing pieces from your company culture.

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A New Age for Mature Industries

Is your organization stuck in the Hiring Stone Age? Reevaluate your strategy to match the new employment economy. With the unemployment rate being the lowest we’ve seen in years, its important to note that 87% of the global workforce of passive candidates are still open to new job opportunities!  In addition, more than three million temporary and contract employees work for America’s companies during an average week. Tap into this pool of candidates and find your next superstar by having a conversation with Protocall’s experts today.

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