Up until now, you’ve checked all the boxes: You landed a good job — possibly with the help of Philadelphia, PA’s leading direct hire agency — then learned your role, mastered your duties, and made yourself a real asset to the company. You’ve put in long hours and paid your dues. As a new year dawns, you’re ready to reap the rewards of your hard work.

You’re ready for a pay raise!

The start of a new business quarter is a natural time for employers and employees to evaluate where they are and where they’re going. While asking for more money seems simple enough, in order to secure the bump in salary you believe you deserve, it’s important to prepare yourself before approaching your employer.

To help you do that, the experts at The Protocall Group have packed this post with tips and tricks for successfully negotiating a raise.

How Do Employers Evaluate Raises?

While employees would like to believe that their good work has been recognized by their supervisors throughout the year, and will be rewarded accordingly, changes in salary don’t happen that easily — or quickly. When employers are faced with the prospect of awarding a pay raise, they have quite a few factors to consider. We’ve listed a few of those factors in this slideshow video.

Running a business involves many moving parts, and employers have a lot on their plates. Unless an employee has a contract that explicitly states when they’re eligible for a pay raise, they’ll probably have to be proactive and start the conversation themselves. 

How Should Employees Pursue a Pay Raise?

Whether or not you feel confident about “selling yourself” in a performance review or approaching your employer to request a raise, you’ll have to be willing to leave your comfort zone to make this venture a success. 

Put yourself in the best possible position by doing your homework, researching the local market and what others in your position are earning, as well as the projected cost of living for the coming year. Be sure to choose an opportune time for your meeting. Reviews like this are typically done on an annual basis; don’t schedule it if you’ve only been on the job for a few months. 

We’ve outlined a few more useful tools for negotiating a raise in this infographic.

Whether you’re looking for advancement in your current career, you plan to seek a new job in the new year, or you need to find the right fit for an open position at your company, resolve to contact one of New Jersey’s top permanent placement agencies for help. Since 1965, The Protocall Group has been matching job seekers throughout the Philadelphia area with employment opportunities that offer professional and personal growth, not to mention a better quality of life. 

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