What is a business without the right employees? Probably not much of a success! However, finding those capable and committed “diamonds in the rough” to fill open positions at your company — without wasting time or money in the process — is not as simple as throwing up a post on an online job search forum and expecting a perfect match to appear.

Figuring out the most effective hiring formula could be as simple as working with a local staffing agency — provided it’s the right staffing agency.

The Protocall Group has been a premier staffing agency in New Jersey since 1965, and whether you’re looking to fill a job or get a job in the Philadelphia area, a smart first step is to reach out to our team. Here’s why:

The Benefits for Businesses

The hiring process exhausts resources. It takes time to vet potential candidates. Companies must pay staff members to do the vetting, the hiring, and then the training of the new employees. 

There’s also the question of employee retention, as high turnover is another costly drain on a company’s productivity and bottom line. Simply put, an employer really can’t afford to fill positions with the wrong people.  

An established, well-connected staffing agency doesn’t just streamline the hiring process and cut down on hiring expenses. It matches a company with truly qualified and motivated workers, which ultimately helps the business serve its customers or patients better.

We’ve seen countless examples of this in our decades of healthcare staffing experience in the Philadelphia area. This video shows a few ways that a staffing agency can help to improve patient care.

As the video suggests, working with a staffing agency also offers significant benefits to employees who need a job but don’t want to jump into just any opportunity. We explain more in the next section.

The Benefits for Workers

Looking for a job can be a long, exhausting, and frustrating process, especially in the unstable economic climate created by the coronavirus outbreak. A staffing agency can open up a world of possibilities job seekers didn’t know existed, as this infographic illustrates.

 The job market has changed a lot in recent months as businesses and workers alike adjust to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Through good times and bad, The Protocall Group remains committed to making a positive difference in the community by helping area employers and prospective employees find professional success. Contact us today for more information about our staffing services.