With unemployment rates lower than they have been for decades, now is the perfect time to ask your employer for a raise. There are currently more jobs than job seekers in the USA, so people can afford to pick and choose the best positions to suit their skills, needs, and aspirations. As a premium recruitment agency, we allocate staff for a range of professions, including registered nurse jobs in Philadelphia and inventory controllers and forklift operators in New Jersey.

Do you think you deserve a pay increase? Consider some of the advice below!

Prepare Carefully

Never ask for a raise without being fully prepared for the conversation with your manager, no matter how good your working relationship is with them. Managers will want proof that you deserve a salary increase, and they won’t like it if you haven’t prepared some reasons and figures backing up your request.

Try to find some performance data that proves you’ve acted above and beyond your pay grade. Use a salary calculator to look at actual figures that your boss should be competing against within your industry, and always have a solid number to bring to negotiations when you ask for a raise.

Choose the Perfect Moment

Picking the right time to ask for a raise is as important as preparing for the discussion. Try to find out when your company plans their annual budget so that you can make sure your pay rise can be factored into their plans.

Consider asking after an annual performance review; bosses could find it hard to say no if your performance is consistently excellent. Another perfect time to ask is upon completion of important projects, or when the business is doing well, and your boss is generally in a good mood.

How to Justify Your Request

Write down a list of recent accomplishments with specific examples of your achievements to back the reasons that you deserve a pay increase. Try to quantify the value that you bring to the business with data about how you contribute to company profits and their bottom line.

Try and raise all of your points as a logical progression and respond to any questions from your manager tactfully and logically while maintaining a professional level of respect.

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