In a competitive job market, employers and employees are both overwhelmed and struggle to make meaningful connections. As a result, candidates have to work extra hard just to get their foot in the door. This blog will help job seekers learn what it takes to stand out to potential employers, WIN the best possible position, and how staffing agencies can help.

What Does the Job Market Look Like Right Now?

The coronavirus pandemic had a drastic impact on the U.S. economy and job market. Before the first wave of the virus hit, the unemployment rate was sitting at 3.5 percent — the lowest it had been since 1968. Companies would hire as necessary, and employees had their pick of the litter as far as jobs were concerned. 

Nowadays, we’re looking at a totally different scenario. With roughly 44 million Americans filing for unemployment benefits, the job market has become highly competitive, and the power has shifted to the employer. This means that (most) employees don’t get to pick and choose which job offer they accept; they’ll take anything to make ends meet. 

When there are very limited opportunities in the job market, standing out from the crowd is the key to securing the job you really want. Follow these tips to outshine other candidates. 

Is it Worth Applying for a Job Right Now?

It may seem like slim pickings considering more and more people continue to file for unemployment — the latest data shows that an additional 1.5 million Americans applied for unemployment in the first few weeks of July 2020, according to a report from USA Today — but right now is actually the best time to apply for a job. The $600 federal unemployment stimulus has caused a sort of complacency among unemployed individuals. Since people earn more from unemployment checks, they’re not eagerly hunting down new jobs. 

This bubble will burst come July 25, the week of the last federal unemployment checks. Soon, the job market will be bursting at the seams with unemployed people looking for work. Waiting until then can make finding a new job even harder, so we suggest to start looking as early as today! Read more here

If you haven’t already, this is the time to:

    • Tap into your professional network and let them know you’re looking for new opportunities.
    • Create a professional online profile, such as LinkedIn, and begin the job search.
  • Reach out to a staffing agency that can help you secure the perfect job faster (even in a saturated market)!

Are Staffing Companies Worth It?

Objectively speaking, yes! 

Using a staffing agency can help job seekers land opportunities they may never have been considered for. At The Protocall Group, finding the perfect match between employers and employees is our profession, so we know precisely what companies are looking for in candidates and vice versa. Plus, we have years of experience working and building rapport with Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia businesses, so our recommendation may be the final nudge an interviewer needs to choose you over another candidate.

The Protocall Group and all other staffing agencies offer job seekers tons of benefits! Namely, we do the heavy lifting for you because we are constantly searching for your next job opportunity. Additionally, working with a direct-hire or temp-to-hire agency gives you access to great employee benefits and invaluable feedback throughout the job application process. 

Why Use a Staffing Agency in a Competitive Job Market

Staffing agencies can do a lot more than fill temporary positions. With the right recruiters on your side, you can find a job for life! 

Do Companies Hire Without In-Person Interviews?

The other shift that COVID-19 has caused in the job market is that more and more companies are changing their hiring practices. The traditional method of employers and employees meeting face-to-face has been (mostly) replaced with virtual interviews. Every interview is different, but here is what we’ve seen so far. 

  1. Telephone interviews: This is technically nothing new, but it plays a larger role in today’s world. Instead of the 15-min general questions that play a starring role in the interview process as a whole, employers are now conducting full interviews over the phone. 
  2. Automated interviews: To help sort out which candidates move forward with the job application, some employers are using automated technology to conduct start interviews. In this scenario, you would answer pre-recorded questions while being recorded for about 20 to 30 minutes. The employer will review your responses and decide how to move forward. 
  3. Skype interviews: Instead of heading into the office and shaking hands, you now get to wave at your computer screen. For the safety of their staff and candidates, many companies have moved in-person interviews online!

It’s no different at The Protocall Group! We are proudly going digital in every aspect so that we keep you, our staff, and our clients safe. Our teams are diligently screening and interviewing candidates over the phone or video calls. However, we are also accepting some office interviews on a very limited basis. All of our staff and guests are required to wear masks, and we sanitize our workplace regularly to make our work environment as safe as possible. Either way, you can rest assured that we’re working hard to take care of you and your job needs!

Contact The Protocall Group today to learn more about our labor staffing process or start looking for job opportunities in Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia on our website!