Safety Program

The Protocall Group Employees Work Safely

The Safety Program is an employee program designed to encourage employee cooperation and commitment to company safety procedures and increased safety practices. Demonstrating safe work practices and encouraging others to do the same, is the ultimate goal of this program.

We have policies and procedures in place to assure your safety on any assignment. We work closely with the local OSHA office to keep abreast of the latest regulations and assure proper safety procedures are communicated to our employees and followed at all times.

Safety forms and communication are posted throughout each office, included in your orientation and can be found in the forms and downloads page.

The Protocall Group takes safety very seriously for its entire workforce. All employees are required to report any unsafe conditions immediately to the client and your branch staffing office or the Protocall Human Resource Department. We encourage employees to make suggestions for safety in the workplace and to share this information with management. This can be done using the form below.

Safety Suggestion Form