Benefits and Risks of Using Social Media Data When Hiring 

By Tony Restall   The meteoric rise of social media has created new opportunities and challenges in the workplace, affecting each and every department in different ways. The recruiting and HR departments are no exception, with businesses of all [...]

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Is Using a Subcontractor Putting You at Risk?

This is a guest post by Connie Wendt, VP of Compliance and Relations at ClearPath Workforce Management. To learn more about mitigating your risk, please join us on Tuesday, January 15th, 2019 for a Live Webinar where Connie will share [...]

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OSHA’s New Position On Post-Incident Drug Testing and Safety Incentive Programs 

By David Dubberly  On Oct. 11, 2018, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) sent a Standard Interpretation Memorandum to its regional administrators and to state plan designees clarifying its position on post-incident drug tests and safety incentive programs. According to [...]

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Game-Based Cognitive Assessments

By Dan Parker  No matter what industry you recruit for, you can always have more information when making screening decisions. In-person interviews, on-demand interviews, and video-based assessments give you great insight into a candidate's communication skills, emotional intelligence, and [...]

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Holding Final Pay for Company Property

By Strategic Human Resources, Inc.  Question: One of our employees quit but hasn’t returned their company key or equipment.  We typically use direct deposit, but is it acceptable to require an employee to pick up their final paycheck when [...]

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How to Weigh Soft Skills During Interviews

By Allie Kelly  Traditional interview questions often focus too much on experience. Interviewers ask candidates if they possess certain skills or how they’ve used those skills in the past. Those are helpful and necessary questions, but they don’t provide [...]

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