How The Protocall Group’s Recruitment Center Will Help Customers and Clients Alike

In 2018, The Protocall Group experienced an exciting year of growth and change, and we are looking forward to making 2019 the best year our recruiting center in the Philadelphia area has seen. Even with the recent upswing in business, [...]

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Are You Ignoring 80% of Your Organization’s Data? 

By Adam Rogers  Decision-makers love data. In fact, in the sixth annual “Big Data Executive Survey” representing senior executives from 57 large corporations, 99% of responders reported transitioning to a more data-driven culture and a full 97.2% had invested [...]

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When the Employee Tries to Rescind His Resignation 

By Michael LaVelle  Employers might welcome notice of resignation from a troublesome employee as a simple solution to a problem. But what are the ramifications when the employee tries to rescind his resignation? In most cases, the better choice [...]

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8 Tips on Making the Job Description Stand Out 

By Serena Dorf    Nowadays, the majority of job descriptions look the same. They have the same structure and use the same phrases as if HR professionals had read the same manual, “How to write a job description.” Therefore, [...]

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How to Onboard for Retention in a Competitive Hiring Market

By Lilith Christiansen    When employees aren’t happy at work, they aren’t productive. Happiness at work is about feeling engaged and fulfilled–being confident, challenged and comfortable. When an onboarding process at a company is strategic, flexible and user-driven employees [...]

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3 Things Every Job Seeker Should Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer

Let’s face it — once you’ve spent months hunting down what seems like the perfect job the last thing you want to do is second guess your offer. However, accepting the first offer you get may not be a wise [...]

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4 Predictions For HR And Talent Acquisition In 2019

By iCIMS It seems like the recruiting industry was in a constant state of change throughout 2018. In the last 12 months, we faced an historically tight labor market, the initial impacts of Google’s entry into the talent acquisition [...]

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