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Ask These 8 Questions to Fix Employee Turnover

“Creating and managing a diverse workforce is a process, not a destination.” —R. Roosevelt Thomas Jr., Beyond Race and Gender Employee turnover is affecting every organization in every industry from Iowa to India, from California to China. It doesn’t [...]

Inclusivity in Today’s Workplace

  The Benefits of Inclusion In a workshop I lead entitled “Inspiring a Collaborative and Respectful Work Environment,” I have participants split into groups and answer the following question: “What are the benefits of a work environment in which [...]

People Don’t Want to Be Hired By Algorithms

In a new Pew Research Center study, most respondents expressed anxiety rather than enthusiasm when asked about the growing importance of numerous automation technologies. When questioned about the growing use of algorithms in hiring decisions, 67% of the more [...]

Writing Your Resume to Get Noticed

Just like any industry out there, resume writing is continuously changing and evolving. You are going to want to keep up with the newest trends in order to make sure your resume gets noticed by recruiters. Here are a [...]

Do’s & Don’ts of Workplace Monitoring

Many employers want to be able to monitor their employees’ communications–including phone calls, emails, and instant messages–with or without notice. Some employees may want to secretly record unsafe working conditions or harassing behavior. However, both employers and employees have [...]

Dump Your Performance Reviews

Managers rate performance reviews right behind firing someone as their top two most disliked activities. How bizarre is that? Giving constructive feedback, mentoring, training, and improving the performance of their staff should be their number one motivation. Staff members [...]

How to Assess Your Company’s Onboarding Program

Regardless of what we call it, we know onboarding is the process new hires (or newly promoted employees) go through to become productive. The question is, do organizations know how well onboarding works for them? There’s only one way [...]

Never Overlook PTO as a Recruiting Tool

Although Americans are notoriously bad for not taking their vacation time—even when they’ve accrued it–paid time off (PTO) remains one of the most attractive benefits employers can offer. So, when you’re hiring, don’t underestimate its importance as a recruiting [...]

Work Burnout Is a (Preventable) Epidemic

I loved french fries. When I was in college, for about one semester, I worked at a local fast food chain. Pretty much every meal I had during my shifts included french fries. After a few months of a [...]

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