Tips for Effective Team Communication 

By Keith Enochs  One of the most critical skills for a new leader is also one for which many are the least prepared: how to communicate with your team members effectively. I remember back to the first time I sat [...]

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Understanding Equal Pay & the Impact You Can Have

By Strategic Human Resources, Inc.  Are you able to ask candidates for their salary history in your state or city? If so, you may not be for long.  If you are hiring employees in California, Connecticut (effective Jan 1, 2019), [...]

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Managing Workers’ Compensation and Claims 

By Strategic Human Resources, Inc. If you are new to the responsibilities of managing the workers' compensation process, it can be overwhelming. There are responsibilities that both the employer and employee have in the process. Compliance laws vary from state [...]

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The Components to Defining Your Company Culture 

By Michael Haberman In business, they say a great idea is worthless without great execution. Taking that a step further, even great execution sometimes can't salvage a company with poor culture. Brilliance alone might be able to get a firm [...]

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Writing Job Descriptions that Lead to Better Hires 

By Samantha Spano A job description is usually one of the first things a prospective candidate reads when learning about an open position. A well-written description weeds out unqualified candidates and attracts desirable talent. Here are six tips to help [...]

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If You Want People to Respond, Tell a Good Story 

By David Sturt and Todd Nordstrom A slight creaking sound could be heard as the room sat silent, waiting for the door to open. No one knew what to expect. Would lives be changed forever? Anxiety amongst the group continued [...]

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Online vs. Live, In-Person Training

By Strategic Human Resources, Inc. Question: We are looking at conducting some employee training.  What are the merits of online training vs. live, in-person training? Answer: We’ve been hearing this question a lot as companies struggle with managing their [...]

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Communicate Recruiting Wins to the Executive Team 

By Allie Kelly  The success of your organization depends on the talent it hires. It stands to reason, then, that recruitment deserves an ample portion of company time and money. The key to gaining the resources necessary for developing [...]

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How to Adopt Neurodiversity in the Workplace 

By Janine Milne    Diversity has ratcheted up the boardroom agenda as companies increasingly recognize the potential that a rich mix of different backgrounds, attitudes, and experiences bring to innovation and decision-making. But most companies are still laggards in [...]

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