What is Employee Retention and Why is it Vital to the Success of a Business?

A staff filled with talented and motivated employees is the foundation of any prosperous business. But simply laying that foundation, then forgetting about it as you move on to other concerns, can actually keep your business from thriving. In fact, [...]

Looking for a Raise in the New Year? Here’s What You Need to Know if You Want to Make More

Up until now, you’ve checked all the boxes: You landed a good job — possibly with the help of Philadelphia, PA’s leading direct hire agency — then learned your role, mastered your duties, and made yourself a real asset to [...]

Ghosting: Why Job Seekers and Recruiters Need to Start Respecting Each Other’s Time

There’s a troubling trend spreading through workplaces across America, and it’s spelling doom for good old-fashioned professional etiquette. “Ghosting,” a concept once confined to the online dating world—and the Urban Dictionary—is an increasingly common practice in the employment process, on [...]

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