If you’re a full-time employee, there’s a good chance that you spend 40 hours or more with your colleagues. While that means a significant amount of your waking hours is spent with coworkers, it seldom gives us enough quality time to connect with them on a personal level. However, these connections can improve on-the-job performance. In fact, research done by Forbes magazine showed that employees who socialize outside the office enjoy more productive working relationships.

As the professional headhunters in Philadelphia, PA, The Protocall Group is dedicated to providing you with crucial information, like resume tips, interview strategies, and more, all to secure gainful employment in your field. Now, we’re offering you a handy guide to appropriately and effectively socializing with your coworkers and enhancing your relationships and productivity.

Known as “esprit de corps,” this French term refers to a sense of pride and fellowship among members of a group. Here’s how you can foster it at your next corporate get together:

  1. Don’t Be a Bore

Even if you’re on the reserved side, try to strike up conversations with colleagues outside of your social circle. For an icebreaker, come prepared with a brief introduction about yourself and what your role is in the company. Be sure to never vent to a coworker about another colleague’s poor performance. Keep it positive, and save your complaints for friends and family.

  1. Don’t Be Boor-ish

Conversely, don’t be too forward or monopolize the conversation. It’s likely that your coworkers have a number of people they’d like to chat with, so keep subject matter light and duration of the chat short. Remember, gracefully ending a conversation can be just as critical as initiating one.

  1. Limit Your Libations

If alcohol is offered at the event, limit your intake to one or two drinks. Remain professional at all times. Overindulging can lead to many repercussions, like acting irresponsibly or inappropriately, and even damaging your credibility. Simply put, take it easy on the booze.

  1. Snap a Shot

Taking photos can be a perfect way to break the ice and connect with colleagues. Not only can you get everyone involved in the fun, but you can share the pictures afterward to help solidify and nurture the relationship. Be sure to exercise good judgment when posting pictures of your coworkers.

By following these guidelines, you can get to know your fellow workers, instill a sense a camaraderie, and enjoy enhanced working relationships and productivity from them.

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