By Kara Kummer

We’ve talked about about the pros and cons of remote working earlier last month. Reading it may have spiked some interest in you. However, how do you overcome the challenges and make remote working the best experience possible? We have compiled 3 tips on raising the success of your remote working experience.

Make it Successful

  1. Have a space dedicated to just work. Try to have a space with little to no distractions. Not everyone has a spare room to make an office but you can always take a portion of a guest room or living room and set up a desk. Make it feel like a workspace as much as possible. If a home office is not an option, there are many coworking spaces popping up all over the country. These places offer inexpensive studios and shared office spaces that are catered to the remote worker. This doesn’t mean you can’t work in the park on a nice day. You just want to have a place to go that will keep you focused and provides all the things you will need to finish you work task.
  1. Video calls are key. One great thing about technology is the ability to talk to someone and actually be able to see them even if they are hundreds of miles away. Nothing beats in person contact and conversations, however a video call is the next best thing. To make the most of it, use as large of a screen or monitor as possible and don’t have the camera only showing your face. You want to be able to see everyone from the waist up, as if you were sitting across the table from them.
  1. Block out your work time separate from your personal time. Yes, one of the perks is having a flexible schedule. That doesn’t mean you should be doing work on personal time though. You should not be editing a report or calling a client while at a cousin’s birthday party. Some may think they are killing two birds with one stone doing this but in reality they are only giving partial effort and attention to both of these obligations. This hurts not only your work life but personal life, too. Schedule set hours for work and treat it like a regular day working in the office. You may pick when and where to work, but don’t let any non-emergencies interrupt your work day.

Depending on your personal needs and job requirements, you may find working remotely to benefit your life, especially if you take the right steps to make it successful. Like anything in life, remote working may not be the right fit for some. However setting yourself up for a successful experience will give you the most positive results.

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