By Kara Kummer

About 63% of companies today hire remote workers. While we’ve written previously on managing, hiring and leading your remote team, we want to give some insight for employees who are curious about the good and bad of working remotely.

The Good

  1. Flexible Schedule. There will be days when you have to be available to work at specific times (i.e. conference calls and other meetings) and deadlines that must be met. Otherwise, you are able to make your schedule fit your lifestyle. As long as you are able to get your work done and put your hours in, you can take that afternoon break and run to the gym.
  2. Saves money and time. Not everyone lives a 10 minute drive from work. Some travel an hour or more one way just to get to work. Between the cost of gas and car maintenance from all of the driving back and forth, some can end up spending thousands of dollars a year in traveling. This doesn’t even cover the amount of time wasted in traffic or waiting for the train. Even public transportation can get expensive at times and depending on where you live, public transportation may not even be an option.
  3. No location boundaries. You might find the perfect company to work for: The pay is great, you are qualified for the position and the company culture is a great fit — except the job is located 3 states away and relocation is out of the question. Working remotely allows you to get your dream job without uprooting your life. Over 50% of companies have remote workers and that number is rising for those ready to break location boundaries.

The Bad

  1. No in-person meetings. Conferences and meetings are crucial for productive communication in companies. A lot of brainstorming and problem solving occurs during these meetings. When you work remotely, you don’t always get to experience those crucial interactions. Even with email, file sharing and conference calls, remote workers may feel left out of the loop when other employees are meeting in person.
  2. Socialization with coworkers. Remote workers also miss out on the connections we make with coworkers. Without those water-cooler conversations and happy hour hangouts you don’t really get to know your coworkers on a more personal level. Of course work is not a social event, but having those connections with coworkers makes the job more enjoyable.
  3. Distractions are more abundant at home. When you work from home you are more tempted to take breaks throughout the day. Many find themselves turning on the T.V. or answering a phone call and chatting away. If you are working from a coffee shop or internet cafe, you will find distractions that you can not control. The person next to you may be chatting on the phone loudly.

If you are still on the fence about whether remote working is the right fit for you, consider that more employers than ever are considering remote workers. It helps companies increase inclusivity by widening the hiring pool for a more diverse selection. If you’re looking for an opportunity to work from home or take the next step in your career, contact our team today! 

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