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  • Plant Manager to Forklift to Assemblers to General Warehouse

  • Medical Assistants to Medical Billers to Medical Receptionists

Let The Protocall Group Help Streamline the Job Search Process

More than 100,000 people have trusted The Protocall Group with their job search and have found new and successful opportunities. One stop at a Protocall Group branch office gives you many opportunities you couldn’t possibly find on your own. Whether you’re pursuing a new career, or are in need of a part or full-time position, we can alleviate the stress of the job search process and help you find success!

Working for The Protocall Group is a great way to build your resume, find a career job, interim jobs or seasonal work for additional income, or try jobs in different industries or companies before you commit to one full-time. Interviewing with a staffing supervisor saves you the time of sending countless resumes.

Our application process is more than getting to know your name. Our staff will listen to your needs to help place you in the type of job that’s right for you!

We find you the best fit for your skills and your career goals and best of all, applying with The Protocall Group of companies is easy, confidential and FREE.

Your Dream Job is Waiting

Let The Protocall Group serve as your employment connection to the area’s most respected companies. We have great opportunities for entry-level to experienced professionals. Since 1965, The Protocall Group has been placing top talent of all skill levels.

We offer a wide variety of benefits and a flexible approach to your job search. Bonuses are offered for referrals of people you know that are good prospective Protocall employees.

To learn more contact us today and be sure to search our job board to see some of the latest job opportunities that we have available for you. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In for daily job postings that can be sent directly to your phone.

The Protocall Group does not discriminate against any applicant for employment or any employee on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability.