Frequently Asked Questions for Industrial Job Seekers

Is there a fee for your services?

Our services are provided at NO FEE to applicants. As an applicant, you DO NOT pay for any of the services The Protocall Group provides.

How do I register for work with Protocall Industrial?

You have several options available. You can apply online by completing our online application or stop in at any of our industrial branch office locations to fill out a paper application. Once your application is complete, it will be reviewed to evaluate your qualifications for our positions.

After I register, how soon can I start working?

We will need to sit down with you and discuss your past work experience. Then we will match your skills with any open orders. If there is not an open order that matches your skills, we will contact companies for which we feel you may be a good fit.

How can I stay informed about open positions?

Our open job positions are posted on our website, and of course you can call your staffing coordinator to stay informed of job opportunities. You can also follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for the latest job posts, recruiter tips and company news.

What if I’m not on Twitter?

Not on Twitter? No problem…you can receive job posting updates directly to your mobile phone. Just text “follow TPGindustrial” to 40404 and you will start receiving tweets from this division on your device.

For example, sending “follow TPGindustrial” to 40404 on your cell phone, would mean you will start getting SMS updates sent via text message whenever Protocall Industrial Division posts a Tweet. (You may incur fees from your provider depending on your phone plan.)