My Experience with Protocall Has Been Phenomenal

Simply stated, my experience has been phenomenal with The Protocall Group. We have found their representation to be unfailingly professional, competent and bottom line – a true pleasure to do business with. The Protocall Group is knowledgeable, dedicated to what is in their client’s best interest, and remains in touch with us at all times.

Up and down the organizational chart, the Client Account representative Courtney Donahue, along with her ownership team, has been very responsive, knowledgeable, flexible and honest. In fact, her consultation with our management has improved our fluctuating staffing scenarios over the last 3-4 years. The Protocall Group experience is punctuated by the fact that we had a negative experience with a previous staffing group whereas the Protocall Group team has been quite supportive, kept involved, and mentioned small details and tips that have really helped us here at the BJ’s Burlington, NJ Distribution Center.

Over the last 3 or 4 years it is still very refreshing to be treated the good “old- fashioned” way and to see someone actually do what they say they’re going to do with a great amount of support, respect and knowledge of our business needs. The Protocall Group team even has an on- site supervisor here covering/supporting both of our shifts. The convenience and availability of their team’s resources speaks volumes.

The Protocall Group team has its finger on the pulse of the job market in terms of technology as well as demonstrating strong onsite human resource dependability. What sets Protocall Group apart is their ability to carefully listen to the senior management here to discover our departmental needs in a dynamic retail, logistics arena . They are always available and their services are immediate and produce tangible results.

As a true partner, we value The Protocall Group’s dedication and relationship

Greg G. – Manager of Facilities & Security