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Labor Day – The History and Meaning Behind this National Holiday

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Labor Day, the first Monday of September, is typically associated with the end of the summer season, one last long weekend for BBQ’s.  But do you know what this national holiday actually means or know the history behind this celebration? Labor Day was created by the labor movement in the late 19th century.  It began…


Politics in the Workplace – Brace Yourself!

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This year is moving right along as we make our way towards the Fall season!  While kids and teachers prepare to return back to school, others are trying to get in the last days of summer vacations or lining up a job as some make plans to return to the workforce after raising children. Along…


What’s the Difference Between a Curriculum Vitae and a Resume?

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You’re in the midst of a job search.   You have a résumé, but you have heard this term Curriculum Vitae (CV) and you wonder if you need a CV instead of or in combination with your résumé.  Information on these two documents, as detailed by the Co-operative Education Program and Career Services Department of…


Are You Losing Your Summer Interns?

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BUT…You Still Need Some Part Time Help Your summer interns were a valuable part of your productivity this summer, but now they are leaving to go back to school.  Are you prepared to cover staffing vacancies left by students returning to college? If no is the answer and you still need employees on a part-time…


Job Seekers’ Resources for Finding and Getting the Perfect Job

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Everyone at some point in their lives finds themselves looking for a job or deciding on what career to choose.  Whether you are a recent college graduate, you have been laid off from your job, a mom trying to get back into the workforce or you are thinking about a career change, the job search…


Hiring Smart – Best Practices for Interviewing

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Most hiring mistakes can be traced back to poor interviewing techniques.  Asking candidates different questions thereby making it difficult to truly compare candidates Asking questions that are not relevant to the key requirements Asking questions about opinions or feelings, rather than facts and examples Not paying attention to non-verbal cues or answers that require probing Failing…

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Is It Getting Hot in Here? How to Diffuse Office Turmoil

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Usually I run from office turmoil, unless I think I can fix the problem, then I seem attracted to it.  There is no middle ground with me.  However I do notice a pattern with office turmoil. No one listens Turmoil usually has an air of tension surrounding it. I notice when people are tense they…

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The Protocall Group Ranked #1 on NJBiz Top Family-Owned Businesses List

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The Protocall Group is proud to announce its achievement of a #1 rank on NJBiz Family-Owned Business List.  The top 25 companies were ranked by the number of New Jersey employees. The Protocall Group was featured in the June 6, 2016 print and digital editions of NJBIZ on Page 28 of above link. The company was founded…

The Protocall Group Owners
Lois Fazio-Weidhaas, Roy Fazio and Janis LeBude

Millions to Earn More in Overtime

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Facts & Fiction of the new FLSA Final Rule as DOL Releases Final Regulations of New Overtime Rule “Millions to Earn More in Overtime!”  That is what one newspaper headline read on the front page. The Department of Labor has finally released the final regulations regarding the new wage standard for exempt-level employees under the Fair Labor Standards…



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Now more than ever companies are utilizing staffing firms to address staffing needs during their PEAK seasons! Summer is here! Prime Vacation Time!  You need cash and companies need employees to cover shortages during this vacation season.  You need a short-term position and you only want to work part-time so you can enjoy some of…