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Politics in the Workplace – Brace Yourself!

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This year is moving right along as we make our way towards the Fall season!  While kids and teachers prepare to return back to school, others are trying to get in the last days of summer vacations or lining up a job as some make plans to return to the workforce after raising children.

Along with the approach of the Fall months, comes the reality of continued exposure to more politics as the months start to tick by for the November 8th presidential election.

Check out an article in Labor & Industrial Insights Magazine, which examines how to best handle rising political debates, as we grow closer to what promises to be a heated presidential election. In this article, by Dean Lombardo, he discusses the guidance that HR departments can offer their management teams and employees toward keeping the peace during the inevitable political discussions in both a physical and remote workplace setting.

In addition to any policies your organization may have in its employee handbook, it’s important for HR professionals, executives, managers and employees to remember five important guidelines:

  • Know the law
  • Set the tone and be respectful
  • Balance free expression with productivity
  • Use even-handed enforcement
  • Allow the HR department to resolve any issues

Are You Losing Your Summer Interns?

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BUT…You Still Need Some Part Time Help

Your summer interns were a valuable part of your productivity this summer, but now they are leaving to go back to school.  Are you prepared to cover staffing vacancies left by students returning to college?

If no is the answer and you still need employees on a part-time or temporary basis for light industrial, office, finance and accounting, technology, healthcare or home healthcare, consider calling a staffing agency or recruitment firm for your staffing needs.

Employment companies like The Protocall Group, normally offer an array of specialized staffing services to support a client companies’ growing and changing needs.

Staffing companies offer flexibility and a larger pool of staffing candidates, allowing them the ability to staff a one-day assignment, cover an extended leave period, source direct hire professionals, staff a short-term project or supply a large number of employees for large projects requiring 100 or more people.

Eliminate overtime costs, recruitment costs and increase employee morale by instantly filling a vacant position to ensure your production needs are met.

Demand for staffing and recruiting services continues to grow as companies look to staffing experts to take care of the screening, interviewing and hiring process for them. Companies are looking for highly qualified talent and are placing a value on successful partnerships with staffing companies which provide new and effective workforce solutions, according to American Staffing Association President and CEO Richard Wahlquist.

The Protocall Group can help keep your productivity grade an A+!  We have been placing top talent in companies like yours since 1965!

Summers Seasonal Temporary Direct Hire

Vacation Fill-ins  Project Staffing

Hiring Smart – Best Practices for Interviewing

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BigStock – Kzenon

Most hiring mistakes can be traced back to poor interviewing techniques. 

  • Asking candidates different questions thereby making it difficult to truly compare candidates
  • Asking questions that are not relevant to the key requirements
  • Asking questions about opinions or feelings, rather than facts and examples
  • Not paying attention to non-verbal cues or answers that require probing
  • Failing to manage personal biases
  • Interviewing too many candidates – interviewer “burn out”

Interviewing Do’s

  • Prepare – use the same interview questions for all candidates
  • Get a clear understanding on the responses you want to hear – from the candidate that you believe would be the “right fit”
  • Keep it simple – ask for facts and examples, not opinions or what ifs
  • Honor the 80/20 rule – make sure the candidate is doing the talking and you are listening 80% of the time
  • Take notes – retain what was said

Interviewing Don’ts

  • Ask questions that are off-topic and not relevant to the job – or its key requirements
  • Rely on one interviewer – use a team of 2-3 evaluators
  • Try to do a full evaluation in one sitting – rather than in a series of shorter sittings
  • Ask questions about a candidate’s personal life – their marital status, if they own or rent their home or their religion or political views, etc. do not have bearing on whether they are a good candidate for the job
  • Make notes on the candidate’s application – or any documents that will become part of their file

Article written by Pace Staffing Network, a Affiliated Staffing Group member from Seattle, Washington and a Protocall Group partner in best practices in the staffing industry.

Is It Getting Hot in Here? How to Diffuse Office Turmoil

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BigStock - Wavebreak Media Ltd

BigStock – Wavebreak Media Ltd

Usually I run from office turmoil, unless I think I can fix the problem, then I seem attracted to it.  There is no middle ground with me.  However I do notice a pattern with office turmoil.

No one listens

Turmoil usually has an air of tension surrounding it. I notice when people are tense they have a tendency to not listen to the other person.

Most people just want to be heard. So stop talking over someone and listen to their point of view. You can usually find some common ground.


Many office issues seem to be “territorial” in nature. Someone does not want you in their business or they are too busy being in someone else’s business.

Find a way to help people understand what the bigger goal is. Then, suggest how their special business talents can contribute to that goal. This conversation can help set people back on track.

Feelings…nothing more than feelings

Feelings seem to have a lot to do with office turmoil. Who feels slighted, undervalued, isolated or overburdened. A person’s perception is their reality. It’s important to understand how the other person is interpreting the situation. Then you can talk about it honestly.

Check your attitude – This is the most important skill to possess

I try to surround myself with positive people.  If you are in a leadership role, it’s very important to promote and display a positive attitude. People tend to behave in ways that are tolerated. Negative attitudes should not be something a team tolerates. Those who are negative or gossipy need an audience. News flash…they LOVE turmoil!  If you are not willing to listen to gossip or negative talk, the offender eventually stops the negative behavior because they have no audience. Turmoil subsides. Ahhh it’s a beautiful thing…HARMONY IN THE WORKPLACE.

The Protocall Group Ranked #1 on NJBiz Top Family-Owned Businesses List

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Protocall Owners Group_AR11339_v1 (2)

L-R: Lois Fazio-Weidhaas, Roy Fazio, Janis Fazio-LeBude

The Protocall Group is proud to announce its achievement of a #1 rank on NJBiz Family-Owned Business List.  The top 25 companies were ranked by the number of New Jersey employees. The Protocall Group was featured in the June 6, 2016 print and digital editions of NJBIZ on Page 28 of above link.

The company was founded in 1965 by Raymond Fazio originally under the name Staff Builders.  Raymond Fazio’s children worked their way up in the company and are the owners of The Protocall Group.  Janis Fazio LeBude, Roy Fazio and Lois Fazio-Weidhaas are second generation owners. Zach Fazio, (son of Roy Fazio) is Vice-President of Healthcare Operations for New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The Protocall Group is also certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).  Protocall is among a select few New Jersey and Pennsylvania staffing companies with this certification status.  Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) certification is granted to a firm that is at least 51% owned, operated and controlled by a woman/women.   The Protocall Group can be retained as a primary staffing provider where client contracts mandate diversity requirements in purchasing services and can assist corporations in meeting the requirements for government contracts and projects.

The Protocall Group of companies provides temporary, direct hire, temp-to-hire and contract employees to employers throughout the Delaware Valley.  Its four specialty groups are Protocall Office & Professional, Protocall Industrial, Protocall Healthcare and Protocare Home Healthcare.

Millions to Earn More in Overtime

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Facts & Fiction of the new FLSA Final Rule as DOL Releases Final Regulations of New Overtime Rule

“Millions to Earn More in Overtime!”  That is what one newspaper headline read on the front page.



The Department of Labor has finally released the final regulations regarding the new wage standard for exempt-level employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). There was both good news and bad news in the notice published by the Department of Labor. Plan early to comply as the final rule will become effective Dec. 1, 2016.

This new law might have some larger effects on the way businesses handle salaried employees.  What this new law essentially means is that employees earning up to $47,476 per year, will be eligible for overtime if they work over 40 hours. Some operational processes being considered for this employee category varies anywhere from:

  • Using time cards for recording hours
  • Giving compensation time over 40 hours
  • Increasing annual salaries to adjust for bonus and profit sharing programs

In an in-depth article written by Mike Haberman for The Protocall Group’s Labor and Industrial Insights newsletter, relevant provisions of the current, proposed and final rule is available.

Read more…


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Now more than ever companies are utilizing staffing firms to address staffing needs during their PEAK seasons!

Summer is here! Prime Vacation Time!  You need cash and companies need employees to cover shortages during this vacation season.  You need a short-term position and you only want to work part-time so you can enjoy some of that summer sun and fun.  Companies are looking for just that type of employee.  Try a staffing agency like The Protocall Group, for seasonal employment.  Companies look to staffing firms to help them address staffing shortages due to employee vacations.

Staffing agencies have an assortment of temporary, part-time, and full-time positions in a variety of fields just waiting for you.  Applying for these positions couldn’t be easier! Staffing agencies have websites that list open positions, the shifts available and the hourly rate.  You can apply online quickly and upload a resume and may be able to be placed in a job within 24-48 hours. Check out the search jobs page daily on The Protocall Group website to view our open positions.

Another advantage to seeking temporary employment with a staffing agency is that once you have applied, interviewed with the staffing agency and have been placed in a position, you can contact them without having to re-register the following summer, because you are already in their system.

So don’t waste time searching the want ads or scouring through countless job boards on your own…contact The Protocall Group. We find you the best fit for your skills and your career goals and best of all, applying with The Protocall Group of companies is easy, confidential and FREE.

Summer Hiring Doesn’t Have to Be a Hassle

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We’re hot on the heels of summer, which, for employers in seasonal industries like tourism and high-volume industries like farming, manufacturing and healthcare, means hiring is in high gear. For these employers, this type of hiring can pose two key challenges:

1) HR spends time and effort scouting, screening, and hiring employees who likely won’t stick around after September.

2.) The temporary nature of the work can narrow the applicant pool and make it tough to recruit enough of the right people.

The upside is that although this type of hiring is certainly unique, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a hassle.  How?

Read More…

Protocall VP of Human Resources Nominated for HR Person of the Year

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Lisa Warech, PHR, SHRM-CP, The Protocall Group’s Vice President of Human Resources, was honored as a nominee at the 2016 Annual Delaware Valley Human Resource Person of the Year Awards on Thursday, May 19th at The Vie in Philadelphia.  The Protocall Group owners, directors and HR department attended the event to celebrate with Lisa.

Here are some photos taken of and with Lisa that night.  View all the photos of the event.

Lisa - Delaware Valley HR Person of the Year 2016 Nominee-Small Business

Lisa Warech receives her plaque for her nomination at the Delaware Valley HR Person of the Year Awards event.












Lisa - Delaware Valley HR Person of the Year 2016 Nominee

Lisa Warech, Delaware Valley HR Person of the Year nominee for The Protocall Group.












Lisa - Delaware Valley HR Person of the Year 2016 Nominee-Small Business Group Photo

The nominees of the small business category at the Delaware Valley HR Person of the Year Awards.









Lisa - Delaware Valley HR Person of the Year 2016 Group Table Photo

The Protocall Group table of attendees. L-R Zach Fazio, Lois Fazio-Weidhaas, Jan LeBude, Kim Dobrzynski, Jessica Hagberg, Nancy Tvarok, Lisa Warech, Susan Rowand, Fran McGlynn, Kelly Tistan-McGuire










Lisa - Delaware Valley HR Person of the Year 2016 Group Photo

The Protocall Group HR Department L-R Nancy Tvarok, Susan Rowand, Lisa Warech, Kelly Tistan-McGuire and Jessica Hagberg.







Memorial Day Weekend – Don’t Forget to Remember

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bigstock/Igor Serdiuk

bigstock/Igor Serdiuk

As Memorial Day Weekend approaches, we all begin to make plans for our extended weekend. We start thinking about heading to the beach to kick off summer and planning family BBQs!  But…how often do we think about the real reason for this holiday?

Memorial Day is a day to remember all of the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice defending our freedom! It is a day to say thank you to our military defending our country today and to recognize our veterans for their dedicated service!

Here at The Protocall Group, we would like to recognize and thank a veteran, Fred Williams, a Behavioral Tech for our Philadelphia Healthcare Division who has been working for us since 2011.

Fred Williams, 1955

Fred Williams, 1955

Fred was in the U.S. ARMY in the Engineer Battalion from 1950-1957, he enrolled at the age of 17. He was stationed in Germany from 1951-1954, during this time he tried out for the basketball team and  was the first African American to make the team (at the time the barracks were still segregated) where he played at Walter Reed Hospital.

During his service, he traveled to Japan, Paris and Korea. He is now 83 years of age, still working, and enjoys every minute of it! He is loved by the staff at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital where he works patient transports through The Protocall Group.

One of Fred’s favorite things to do is write poems.

Robert Kautzman EdD., MS., RN, NEA-BC Vice President of Clinical Services and Chief Nurse Executive at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, sent us a wonderful note about Fred and included a poem Fred wrote.

An Inspiring Story…

Kautzman writes, “I met one of our companion aides and struck up a conversation with him today. His name is Fred Williams. In his role, working for one of our staffing agencies, The Protocall Group, as our companion aide, he accompanies patients as they are transported to their medical appointments outside Magee.

Fred has an interesting history. He worked in the mental health field for many years at several different facilities in the area. Additionally, although he has had his own physical health challenges over the years, I found him to be full of energy, displaying a positive attitude and spirit and just a delightful man.

Fred is 82. Yes, 82 years young! He retired twice over his lifetime and he just can’t help but put in some time at Magee helping our patients during their medical appointment van/paratransit rides. The most touching part of our conversation is when he reached in his knapsack and pulled out a copy of a poem he wrote based on his experiences thus far at Magee. He has shared this with a few staff, but I thought it was a powerful message and wanted to share it with all of you!”


Companion work is not all roses

Some days, you say “Holy Moses”

But if CAREGIVING is in your heart

That’s one feeling that will never part

Have strong patience, you want to know why?

Cause sometimes you have to have it for the other guy!

Be kind and gentle and always remember

This person could be my family member

So give it your all, go that extra mile

At the end of the day, enjoy that smile!

—-Fred Williams

Fred Williams_VeteranBlogClearly Fred Williams is a very special individual and we are privileged to have him as part of the Protocall team.  On this Memorial Day, we at The Protocall Group, sincerely thank you for your service to our country and your continued dedication to the people you serve each day!