Three Ways Recruitment Process Outsourcing Can Be Useful For Healthcare Organizations

Are you unsure what recruitment process outsourcing is and if it’s beneficial for your organization? If so, you’ve come to the right place. At The Protocall Group, we help people searching for jobs as well as companies seeking to hire employees, and we have recently ventured into helping our healthcare clients with recruitment process outsourcing, or RPO for short. Simply put, RPO is a partnership between a company like a healthcare organization that has recruiting needs, and a company like The Protocall Group that offers recruiting services. Instead of an employer putting in an extended amount of hours into the recruiting process, that time is transferred to an external provider. If you are still a little unsure about the RPO process, here are three ways it can benefit your organization:

  1. Helps Reduce Recruiting Costs

Arguably the top reason why organizations entertain an RPO solution is to help reduce costs. The underlying truth about business is that the main objective is to make money. Companies all around spend tons of money on job panels and headhunters to no avail. Now, the process can simply be streamlined by hiring an RPO provider.

  1. Better Quality of Candidates

Any hiring manager understands that there is more to a candidate than just their education and previous experience. Factors like previous accomplishments and personality deserve to be looked at just as equally. However, for some organizations, there are so many candidates to rifle through it is easy for hiring managers to overlook certain qualities. An RPO solution makes it simpler to filter through candidates and still examine all applicable qualities.

  1. Expandable Recruiting Capacity

At certain points of the year, employers may need to go on a hiring spree for seasonal employees. An RPO solution is perfect for employers who need extra help during one part of the year, then need to sale down at other times.

For our RPO program here at The Protocall Group, we’re offering to send trained recruiters to be the on-site recruiter for health networks. At the client’s location, our trained recruiter would maintain metrics as well as the nuances of recruiting so that the health systems do not need someone to manage their recruiters. This is beneficial for the client because they will still have someone at their location who can create relationships within the system and understand the needs of all departments. The management of a recruiter network is placed on us instead of the organization trying to manage it themselves.

While the term outsourcing can raise red flags for people, this is a different process. Instead of sending jobs away, an RPO solution provides an alternative transfer of time and energy to an outside provider who has the means to solve your recruiting problems. To learn more about RPO solutions, visit The Protocall Group’s website today.

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