Job Search Got You Down? Try Industrial

There are more ways for applicants to connect to potential employers than ever. In fact, there are so many ways that the job search can be quite daunting, especially if you are unsure what qualifications you may need or even what kind of field you would like.

That is where the Protocall Group comes in. It is easier than ever to apply to work for our many client companies. These companies span across an array of fields. We find that, more and more, applicants are applying for jobs in the industrial field. Specifically, we see many applications for warehouse positions.

Why industrial?

Industrial warehouse jobs may not sound immediately appealing to some, but there are a number of advantages to such positions.

Educational requirements

These kind of positions often do not require a bachelor’s degree. This makes it the perfect opportunity for those with high school educations to begin or continue their careers. Increasingly, employers are realizing that limiting applicants to those with college-level educations can be, well, limiting. No company wants to miss out on excellent associates that just do not happen to have a degree. As such, businesses with warehouses often care more about the work ethic and attitude of an employee than an extensive education.

Building careers

Starting in the warehouse of a company allows you to familiarize yourself with the most essential components of their business process. As such, you will develop an array of skills that will prove invaluable throughout your entire career. Learning about how a company handles inventory, shipping, logistics, and team management allows employees to develop a skillset that can help them rise through the ranks of an organization or boost their resume should they look for other opportunities.

The Protocall Group has been helping people’s careers blossom for over 50 years. We are passionate about matching talented employees with companies where they will be sure to grow and thrive. To apply for a warehouse job or to browse other open positions, visit us at today.


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