Hiring Smart – Best Practices for Interviewing

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Most hiring mistakes can be traced back to poor interviewing techniques. 

  • Asking candidates different questions thereby making it difficult to truly compare candidates
  • Asking questions that are not relevant to the key requirements
  • Asking questions about opinions or feelings, rather than facts and examples
  • Not paying attention to non-verbal cues or answers that require probing
  • Failing to manage personal biases
  • Interviewing too many candidates – interviewer “burn out”

Interviewing Do’s

  • Prepare – use the same interview questions for all candidates
  • Get a clear understanding on the responses you want to hear – from the candidate that you believe would be the “right fit”
  • Keep it simple – ask for facts and examples, not opinions or what ifs
  • Honor the 80/20 rule – make sure the candidate is doing the talking and you are listening 80% of the time
  • Take notes – retain what was said

Interviewing Don’ts

  • Ask questions that are off-topic and not relevant to the job – or its key requirements
  • Rely on one interviewer – use a team of 2-3 evaluators
  • Try to do a full evaluation in one sitting – rather than in a series of shorter sittings
  • Ask questions about a candidate’s personal life – their marital status, if they own or rent their home or their religion or political views, etc. do not have bearing on whether they are a good candidate for the job
  • Make notes on the candidate’s application – or any documents that will become part of their file

Article written by Pace Staffing Network, a Affiliated Staffing Group member from Seattle, Washington and a Protocall Group partner in best practices in the staffing industry.

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