We Have An Extra Day This Year, What Will You Do With It?



Many days I wish for enough time to leave my desk, take a walk and eat lunch in the park… a fantasy!

There are other days I wish I had another 15 minutes before I make a decision with only ½ the facts. Those who know me as a “data gatherer” will realize that I NEVER have enough facts… and this situation puts me in a mild state of panic.

Then there are days I wish could last forever because they are serendipitous… my favorite word… a beautiful day with someone who makes me feel joyous.

But today… WOW I have an extra 24 hours!

The pressure is on… I should have planned for this.

Who gets an extra 24 hours?

  • I will wake up early and watch the sunrise.
  • I will  meditate and walk on the treadmill.
  • Today I will be present and mindful in every encounter.
  • Today I will banish negative thoughts from my mind and vocabulary.
  • Today I will make February 29 the best version of myself.

All good intentions, but at 10:31 AM on 2/29/2016, I’m here to tell you I did not see the sunrise this morning. Nor did I see the treadmill or the inside of my eyelids as I meditated, because I did none of those things.

I rushed my day and started working feverishly from the moment I got into work. I fell into my normal routine of ticking off tasks, hoping I have more checked off than added before the end of the day.

Why is it that you have great ideas and then settle into what feels natural and normal?

I need to fix this before the day ends.

Plan B…today the clock will not be my enemy it will be my friend. Today, I will be thankful that I got the extra day, even if it is to do the normal “Nancy” things. It’s a moment and a day I got as a gift and I won’t take it for granted.

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