The Easiest Thing You Can Do To Be a Great Boss

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The Easiest Thing You Can Do To Be a Great Boss
By David Sturt

Most leaders receive surprisingly little development before assuming their first supervisory roles. In fact, many get no leadership training at all until they’ve been in the executive ranks for nearly a decade–reaching, on average, age 42.

But whether you’ve had formal training or not, there’s one simple action that can dramatically increase any manager’s success in gaining the support and engagement of subordinates: recognize great work. That means calling out excellent accomplishments by your employees right away–and doing so in consistent and regular increments from the start.

We know from our own research that a handwritten note trumps an e-mail. Public recognition in a meeting or peer group makes people feel even more appreciated. And an award presented in a public setting is most effective in conveying a sense of a good job properly acknowledged.

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