Putting Things Away for the Winter Improves Senior Home Safety

Now that we are officially in the throes of Autumn, it’s time to begin thinking about senior home safety for the winter months ahead. This is especially important for seniors who live in the northeast parts of theFamily-Caregiver-Tips-Margate-NJ United States. Even in the higher elevations of Pennsylvania, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico, snow can arrive any time from October through April.

This weekend when we turn the clocks back and gain an extra hour, what better time to begin putting things away for winter? October is almost over and the leaves are coming down here in South Jersey. Winter’s sting can happen at any moment.

It’s a good idea to begin taking out some winter items as well, including warm blankets, sweaters, coats, mittens, hats, scarves, and other such items. These should be stored in a closet in a safe place that is not in the direct path where the senior walks to get around the house.

When you focus on planning ahead for the winter season, you will undoubtedly improve home safety for any senior, whether they require assistance or not.

What are some of the things that should be put away for winter?

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