How to Find the Right Job Fair for Your Training and Background


For some job seekers, career fairs can seem very intimidating.  However, they don’t have to be.  Job seekers have to remember that the recruiters are there to find you.  So make sure you choose the right job fair that aligns with your training and background.

Here are some tips to ensure your success at a job fair: 

First, find a job fair.  Most job fairs are free; however, some might require a registration fee.  You should first look at your alma mater.  Colleges routinely hold job fairs for students and their alumni.  Search your college’s website for upcoming job fairs or call their career center for more information about upcoming events.

Also, professional organizations and associations often sponsor large job fairs at their regional conferences.  Most organizations require memberships in order to attend the conference/job fair.

To pinpoint the professional organizations which would best align with your career goals, check out this website

Secondly, choose the right job fair for YOU.  You don’t want to waste your time at a job fair that is targeted for healthcare professionals when you are looking for a career in finance.  So do your research on the job fair beforehand.  Find out which companies are going to attend.  The list of attending companies is usually listed on most announcements or advertisements.  Once you know which companies are attending, pinpoint the ones you are interested in.  Be sure to research things like the company culture, top executives and the internal openings they may have!  A great place to start your search is at  This gives you an inside look at companies from an employee’s perspective.

Lastly, once you have done your homework make sure you dress to impress.  First impressions are usually lasting impressions, so make sure your suit is pressed and your shoes are shined!  Also, make sure you arrive early and have plenty of updated resumes, paper, pens, mints, water and a snack to keep you going.  Happy hunting!

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