Are You the Office Eeyore?

When I come to work, before I open the door, I think to myself… “It’s show teeyoreime”. Sometimes I say it out loud just to reconfirm what my attitude needs to be.

I can’t say I’m always successful. However, if I need to present a positive attitude to the world, and I may not be feeling it at the moment, I can certainly readjust my thoughts to consider the following. I’m just like an actor about to hit the lights and perform. I need to put my best foot forward to those who will encounter me today.

Typically when I find fault in someone else’s attitude, I soon realize I’m looking at my own faults.

Enough self-analyzing! Here’s the thing…I’m talking about the negative, failure or hopeless attitude that some coworkers bring to their job.

Are you one of those people? If so…check yourself at the door.

Before you walk through the door, think about how your actions and attitude reflect on you personally. Just because you are in work doesn’t mean that it’s okay to be disagreeable, negative or helpless in work situations. Ultimately your behavior is a reflection of who you are as a person.

Companies are in business to solve problems, their customer’s problems. If you feel that you are being “helpful” by pointing out problems rather than suggesting a solution…newsflash…no one needs another problem pointer outer (is that a word)?

Companies and coworkers need people who are solution-oriented. If your approach is always doom and gloom you will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. No one will come to you unless they want to hear doom and gloom. You’ll get passed over for promotions because there are more optimistic problem solvers in the organization. Somehow you will think this is your bosses fault. Nope! You just created the situation by your attitude. Ultimately you are a mirror to the world; whatever you are projecting out there is reflected back to you. This becomes your reality.

If you need some help with this, try posting this quote from Gandhi to your desk. I have it on my desk for anytime I get grumpy or less than optimistic.


Make a change today and consider the benefit of changing your attitude to a positive “Yes I Can!”

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  • walpine

    Hi Nancy, this is a great article. As a PR professional, I can appreciate these observations and suggestions. I have posted your article to LinkedIn. Thanks for sharing.