It’s O-FISHally Summer…

Hook Yourself a SUNsational Summer Job!Job-Hook-300x200

Attention teachers and college students!  School’s out for summer and you need cash.  The trouble is you need a short-term position and you only want to work part-time so you can enjoy some of that summer sun and fun.  Try a staffing agency for seasonal employment!

Staffing agencies have an assortment of temporary, part-time, and full-time positions in a variety of fields just waiting for you.  Applying for these positions couldn’t be easier! Staffing agencies have websites that list open positions, the shifts available and the hourly rate.  You can apply online quickly and upload a resume and may be able to be placed in a job within 24-48 hours.

Another advantage to seeking temporary employment with a staffing agency is that once you have applied, interviewed with the staffing agency and have been placed in a position, you can contact them without having to re-register the following summer, because you are already in their system.

So don’t waste time searching the want ads or scouring through countless job boards on your own…contact The Protocall Group. We find you the best fit for your skills and your career goals and best of all, applying with The Protocall Group of companies is easy, confidential and FREE.

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