Tips for an Effective LinkedIn Profile

HYermish - LIPMC-ImageWhen was the last time you looked at your own LinkedIn profile? Your profile is your digital first impression for business networking. This FREE 30-minute course presents a collection of tips to help make your profile an effective tool for networking online. You will learn how to take full control over your profile, to improve your relevance in search results and to help you stand out from your competition. 

Enroll for free today in “Tips for an Effective LinkedIn Profile” and feel free to share this course with friends or colleagues that could benefit from a better profile on LinkedIn. You can enroll in the course at any time and access the content indefinitely.

Wait, it’s free? How is that possible? Simple really. You click on the link to go to the site, create an account and enroll in the class. No credit card, no fee, no catch, just free.

No, I get that it’s possible, but there has to be a catch? Actually, no catch at all. Watch and learn from the class, free of charge. In fact, send a link to the class to people that would benefit from a better LinkedIn profile. Sharing the course with people is encouraged, so feel free to forward this message to a friend or colleague. Enjoy!

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