When Employees Work Safely…Everybody WINS!


The most valuable asset a company has is its employees. Safety in the workplace is about developing programs, plans and procedures to protect employees from injury.   When a company commits to making safety a priority, everyone benefits.

First and foremost, an employer has an obligation to keep its employees as safe as possible. Developing safety programs and committees, not only can help reduce injuries, but also contributes to dedicated, happier employees who feel valued. With higher morale comes less absenteeism, turnover and better productivity. Successful safety programs involve good communication between management and employees, which includes the exchange of ideas, concerns and brainstorming for solutions to problems.

The Protocall Group has a safety rewards program page on its website as part of its communication effort to let employers and employees know we take safety seriously in our company. The page includes a very short form for employees to use for any safety-related suggestions or to voice any safety concerns at their place of employment.  They have the option to send it anonymously to the Workers’ Comp/Safety Coordinator at our corporate office.

Costs associated with workplace injuries often are one of the highest expenses a company incurs on a yearly basis. Making safety within the company a priority has been shown to positively affect the bottom line. Implementing safety programs often reduces the amount of injuries which reduces workers’ compensation costs.

 Steps to develop a good safety program:

  • Hold monthly safety meetings
  • Organize a safety committee
  • Develop a safety procedure
  • Develop a reward system
  • Create an open line of communication between employees and employers

When employers and employees make safety a priority everybody wins!


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