Make Yourself Memorable in a Minute!

You walk into a career fair.  You see throngs of people.  You begin to feel anxious.  You wonder how are YOU going to stand out among the crowd.  You wonder how are YOU going to be memorable to the recruiters in the brief time you spend with them.  career-fair-post-41

Well fear not!  Here are some helpful hints from The Protocall Group recruiters which will help you BE Memorable in a Minute!

Follow the two “P” policy.

  • Preparedness

  • Personality

Come to a career fair prepared.  This is the number ONE factor in making sure you are memorable for a good reason.  Make sure you have a clean, error-free resume to distribute to each recruiter.  Dress for success.  Yes, wear the suit.  Also, equally important is the ability to communicate directly to the recruiter WHY you are looking for a job.  Recruiters want to know if you are a good candidate for their company.  One of the questions they ask to gauge whether or not you are a fit for them is “why you are not currently working or why you are looking”. You need to be able to confidently articulate this answer in a professional manner.

Your personality is also a key factor in selling yourself.  Be friendly. Be pleasant.  Be positive.  Give a firm hand shake.  Smile.  Most importantly, look the recruiter in the eye. Eye contact is so important in establishing a rapport.

With the two “P” policy you can confidently navigate a career fair and make yourself memorable.

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