Working Moms…The Ultimate Juggling Act

Apps to Help Keep You Organized and Make Tasks Easier

Juggling-Mom1This is for all of the working moms out there that feel like their life is a constant juggling act.  You know what I mean.  You work either a part-time or full-time job outside of the home, but after clocking out at the office, your other full-time job begins! Between the grocery shopping, house cleaning, laundry piles, car pools, homework help, cooking, AND your job, you’re juggling your way through life and just waiting for a ball to drop!

Since technology and smart phones have become such a big part of our lives, why not put them to use to make your life a bit more organized, a lot easier and maybe a bit more fun.

Here are some favorite apps from some of my favorite working moms at The Protocall Group.

Susan, our HR Generalist,  has two apps that make help her immensely.

MapQuest AppMap Quest – “With doing a lot of driving for kids’ activities/sports, I don’t know how I got from Point A to Point B without it.  It gives you driving distance/time and will also suggest restaurants, hotels, gas stations, multiple routes, etc.”

Another app that Susan loves is

mobile-rmn-iconRetail Me Not – “This app gives you on-line and in-store coupons.  You just show the cashier your phone, they input the necessary number and you receive the discount.  It’s very helpful during school shopping trips and Christmas shopping.”

Courtney, one of our Client Development Specialists, relies heavily on her calendar app for both her business and personal schedule.  For a mom on the run, making sure she is not double booked is a must!

GoogGoogle Calendar Aple Calendar – “I align my Google calendar app on my phone with my business calendar so I know where I am going from morning to night!”

Our Staff Accountant, Kathleen, has a few apps that keep her on the go.

cardstar app logoCard Star – “Spend less time in the stores trying to find your member rewards cards or cut down on the number of cards dangling from your keychain.  Load all of your cards into the app and a sales rep can scan your number from your phone.”

waze-iphone-app-iconWaze – “Get your kids where they need to be on time by avoiding detours, traffic, accidents, etc. Other wazers report where the trouble spots are.”

TuneIn_Radio_ProTuneIn Radio – “I load in all of my local radio stations and I can listen to my favorite music wherever I go.”


Kim Dobrzynski, Director of Marketing, relies on her banking app.

TDBank AppTD Bank – “I find that this seems to be the app that I use way too often. It is a very convenient app to transfer money to my kids accounts if they need something right away or to run an errand for me.  When they were in high school, it saved many a kid from not                        having lunch money in their account LOL.”

I have a few apps on my tablet and phone that I love, but the one that I cannot live without is the Dunkin Donut’s app!

Dunkin Donuts AppWith its Perks and Pay with App features, it helps me quickly and efficiently get the juice that gets me through my day!

Check out these helpful apps and juggle a little faster.



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