Kids Are Back to School…Now What Do I Do with Myself?

Stay-At-Home-MomTips for Stay-At-Home Moms Re-entering the Workforce

Your kids are in school all day and you are thinking the time is right to re-enter the workforce. You hesitate because you don’t have any current “job experience” to add to your resume.  Will anyone hire me?  Yes, and here is why!

Take some time to think about all you have accomplished in terms of managing a household and guiding your children through school and activities, as well as your volunteer work. These aspects of your life have given you experience and skills that employers do in fact value.

For example, you were the PTO President for your children’s school.  To an employer, this means you have led a team, managed multiple projects, exhibited fundraising and budget management skills. The trick is in how you highlight these skills.

Set up your resume so that it leads with a “career summary”. Start by selling the skills you can offer.  Showcase the skills you have gained as a stay-at-home mom that will attract employers.

Here are tips to help you get creative with filling that “experience” gap on your resume.

  • Having input in selecting insurance plans or college funds can be valuable finance & accounting skills.
  • Shopping for bargains, clipping coupons and making sure all purchasing was done timely and efficiently can equate to skills befitting a purchasing agent.
  • You are a self-starter and show initiative if you volunteered to coach a team or coordinated events for your school, church or parent group.
  • You pay attention to detail because you make sure everyone has all that they need for their activities and arrive on time.
  • Don’t forget about your time management skills and ability to multi-task!  How many days did you do laundry, run 3 kids to activities, cook dinner, clean up the playroom, walk the dog, and schedule appointments…all while organizing a fundraising event for the school and all in ONE day?

The bottom line is you have value and worth even though you have not received a paycheck for the work you have been doing all these years.  You just have to know how to sell yourself!

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