The Affordable Care Act: Skinny Insurance Plans Keep You Compliant but…

skinny plans affordable care actIf you decide to save money and offer a “skinny plan”, while it meets the minimum essential coverage requirement, you are still subject to penalties by IRS. Essentially, “skinny plans” are wellness programs. That means if an employee goes to the hospital they are not covered. Furthermore, if they go to the “insurance market” to obtain coverage and receive a government subsidy, you will be fined $3,000!

Using staffing companies that offer insurance to their employees can protect your company from these fines.

Download the ACA white paper entitled, “Skinny Plans” to educate you on the latest additions to the ACA law in regard to meeting the minimum essential coverage requirement.

  • Some employers may opt to offer skinny plans to employees to save on the cost of insurance
  • Skinny Plans keep you compliant but do not protect you from penalties of $3,000
  • Using staffing companies offering insurance to their employees, eliminates the risk of the client being the employer

Don’t get punished for what you don’t understand.

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