Why Should You Work for a Temp Agency?

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Why should you work for Protocall Staffing, or any other temp agency? You may ask yourself, “Why would you settle for a temp job when I am really looking for a long term position?“

The answer is simple. We do the legwork!

Here are some reasons temp agencies can be great employment opportunities:

  • Save time and money searching for jobs
    • Fill out one application with us and in essence you apply to multiple companies at once
  • Staffing companies can help you get a foot in the door at a company
    • Working well in a temp position can often lead to full time employment
    • On the plus side, if a full-time position opens the company already knows you
  • Try before you commit
    • Try out the position and see if the job and the company where you are placed are a good fit for you
    • This works both for temporary employee as well as the company
  • In uncertain times many companies are afraid to higher full-time employees but will hire temporary workers
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